Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chatting to the author - Morris Gleitzman

Room 5 students had sent Mr. Gleitzman an email at the start of their study of Boy Overboard. They were thrilled to receive an email from him and delighted that he had taken some time to look at their blog.
The class decided to send a reply because they had some question to ask. They are hoping that they will hear from him again.

This is Mr. Gleitzman's email and the class reply.

Dear Mr. Gleitzman

We have finished reading Boy Overboard and we really enjoyed it. Now we are reading Girl Underground and so far it’s just as good. We don’t know yet, but we hope that Bibi and Jamal get rescued by Menzies and Bridget. We have been doing a study on Human Rights and both of these books are very appropriate to read at this time. A group from our class has now visited the Mangere Refugee Centre. We’ve learnt about how refugees come into the country and we were amazed that our country only takes in 750 refugees a year! We had lunch with the children in the camp and played sports with them.

We wanted to know which country you live in? Is it Australia? What inspired you to write about refugees? We are continuing to add information and pictures to our blog and we would really like it if you would post a comment on our blog. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Room 5

On 18/9/07 1:47 AM, "Morris Gleitzman" wrote:

Dear Boy Overboard Blog Team

I’ve been enjoying your Boy Overboard words and pictures. Well done all of you.

best wishes
Morris Gleitzman

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