Thursday, September 20, 2007

Book Review

Boy Overboard is a moving fictional novel written by the witty and popular
Morris Gleitzman. The book was first published and became public in 2002.
This gripping novel about a brother and his sister and their big dreams will
surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

In this moving tale, Jamal and his family live happily in one of the million
villages in Afghanistan. But when the evil government find out Jamal's
mother's secret school, the family are forced to desperately flee for their
lives. They're going down under. Way down under. The story is set in a
war-torn village in Afghanistan and then travels to the Pacific Ocean. On
the way to Australia Jamal and BiBi meat Omar and Rashida. This is a well
paced story and is told in first person by Jamal. Children can easily
understand the language that is used. The moral of this story is always have

Boy Overboard will be loved by children of all ages. Some words may have to
be looked up in the dictionary. This book is hard to put down and will
always be keeping you in suspense. This book has believable characters and
will teach you the lesson of always having hope and faith. I highly
recommend this book for children aged 9-12 years old.

Written by Erika Anacan.
Room 7


room said...

This post is a very good book review and it has inspired me to find and read that book.

rainbow777 said...

hey there,
I live in australia and I am starring as Bibi in a Boy Overboard production so I have been studying Bibi's feisty character, to see how to better portray her character. May I say this blog has been extremely helpful and I think it has been amazingly written by children of such a young age.

Yours sincerely,
Bibi ;)

Mop said...

I love this book I have read it has sepense in it. In school we were learning about migration and this is one of the best books about migration.

Luteru said...

this has been the best book review iv'e red.great job..:):):)