Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Boy overboard - my reflections

Today after reading Boy overboard I am feeling lucky. We take lots of things for granted that jamal and Bibi would appreciate like a new soccer ball or school or our government in New Zealand. I would like to know if people survive landmines ?I also want to know why girls are not allowed to have an educaiton or go to school? I wonder why women are taken for granted and treated badly. They are responsible for bringing up the next generations!

If I had to write a letter to Bibi about her actions and some of the decisions she makes, this is what I would write.

Dear Bibi

I think you need to take the situation you are in more seriously. You are not thinking about the consequences of your actions or the consequences of your actions for other people. You are a very smart girl and you need to take advantage of and think before you act.! Hopefully you will think about what is happening around you and act appropriately. Since you have to flee the country now, you need to act maturely.

Yours sincerely

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