Thursday, August 9, 2007

Information about refugees

Refugees: Boy Overboard

A refugee is someone who has had to leave their home country for fear of persecution because of their nationality, race or membership in a particular group. They flee to a country where they think they will not be found. Because of this, people may treat refugees differently because they are foreigners. They may not be allowed to go to certain places or do certain things.
Refugees face many problems. While they are travelling, they need to get past the borderline without a passport, and not knowing the language would bring major communication problems.
Refugee camps are a place that new refugees can live in until they can get sorted out in their new country. However, these camps are very cramped, and there is often not enough food to go around.
When refugees have settled into their new country, there are yet more obstacles to face such as, learning the new language, earning money, finding a job and finding a home (plus learning how to use all household appliances).
Until a refugee can feel at home in their new country, it’s a hard life.

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